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To many, Henry Kissinger epitomizes the failure of the Western world to pay serious attention to the grave crimes committed by its leadership. In response, the KissingerWatch bulletin is designed to examine this specific case of impunity, to provide information about Kissinger's alleged role in the violation of human rights worldwide, to kindle debate, and to facilitate the exchange of opinions among experts and activists.
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For a comprehensive overview of the crimes allegedly committed by Henry Kissinger, please download Christopher Hitchens' Harper's articles:

"The Case against Henry Kissinger"

Hitchens' bestselling book "The Trial of Henry Kissinger" is based on this Harpers publication.

A follow up, the Harper's debate:

"Regarding Henry Kissinger"

We also recommend the reading of following detailed studies of Kissinger's foreign policy. Excerpts can be accessed by clicking on the title:

Sideshow - Kissinger, Nixon & Destruction of Cambodia
by William Shawcross (Simon and Schuster, 1979)

The Price of Power - Kissinger in the Nixon Whitehouse
by Seymour M. Hersh ( Summit Books, 1983)

For those interested in the legal dimension of this case, read :

Nicole Barret: "Holding Individual Leaders Responsible for Violations of Customary International Law: The U.S. Bombardment of Cambodia and Laos"
Kissinger Watch #16 (22.3.2003)
Dear readers, On March 28, Kissinger Out – K.O!, a new inter-NGO campaign will be launched. The campaign will target organizations in which Kissinger holds posts, including the International Olympic Committee and the UNESCO peace prize jury . The purpose and scope of K.O.! will be outlined in a press conference in Geneva. On March 29, the Genev ... continue ...
Kissinger Watch #15 (10.1.2003)
In this issue Martin Anderson examines Kissinger's culture of secrecy. Anderson's focus is Argentina in the context of Kissinger's resignation from the chairmanship of the 911 enquiry commission (article 1). In a recent Interview concerning Vietnam, Kissinger said, "If you are going to ask whether I feel guilty about Vietnam, the interview is o ... continue ...
Kissinger Watch #14 (18.12.2002)
In the last issue we called for the removal of Kissinger from his new office as chairman of the 911 enquiry commission. He anticipated this by resigning last Friday (article 1). He refused to divulge his business partners as requested by congressional democrats and families of the victims. In this issue we reproduce articles which shed some light o ... continue ...
Kissinger Watch #13 (8.12.2002)
On November 13, 2002, 11 victims who suffered grave human rights violations following Pinochet's bloody coup in Chile brought suit against Henry Kissinger in U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia. The suit alleges that Kissinger's involvement in the September 11, 1973 coup makes him responsible for crimes against humanity, forced disappea ... continue ...
Kissinger Watch #12 (27.11.2002)
"It was at that moment that satire died. There was nothing more to say after that." (The musical satirist Tom Lehrer, when Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973. Lehrer decided he could no longer perform.) We never thought that awarding the Nobel peace prize to Kissinger could be topped. To put him in charge of the 911 investigati ... continue ...
Kissinger Watch #11 (20.11.2002)
Dear readers, In the last few months we have been consulting with lawyers and human rights activists in several countries to assess possibilities of legal action against Henry Kissinger by invoking national legislation (through universal jurisdiction). Notwithstanding the fact that the avenue towards justice for the victims of Kissinger's multip ... continue ...
Kissinger Watch #10 (20.10.2002)
Dear readers, In our last editorial we expressed our concern about the concerted efforts of the US administration to undermine the work of the International Criminal Court (ICC). In this issue we reproduce articles corroborating what human rights activists have maintained for some time: The US government’s mainly worry that charges could be brou ... continue ...
Kissinger Watch #9 (22.8.2002)
Dear readers, In this issue we publish articles and interviews from non-English speaking newspapers in Europe. Below, we provide translations or summaries in English. We encourage you to send articles to us in whatever language. If you could provide your own English language summary or translation, even better. The translations in this issue we ... continue ...
Kissinger Watch #8 (14.6.2002)
Dear readers, “Kissinger may face extradition to Chile” (The Guardian, article 1) – hence this issue is entirely dedicated to Kissinger’s involvement in Chile and the current legal proceedings, in particular the Horman case. Article 2 (in Spanish with introductory note in English) is based on an interview by Pascale Bonnefoy with Christopher Hi ... continue ...
Kissinger Watch #7 (11.6.2002)
Dear readers, First a technical announcement. As of this issue we shall send out only plain text e-mails to avoid overburdening your e-mail boxes. Additionally, you can find each issue on our website, both as plain text version with hyperlinks and as a formatted and more readable pdf version. East Timor’s celebration of its first independen ... continue ...
Kissinger Watch #6 (11.5.2002)
Dear readers, Kissinger's visit to London has spawned a wealth of articles some of which we presented in our last issue. The stream of articles did not seem to slow in the weeks after this phenomenal event. In this issue you find the continuation of that coverage triggered by the visit but this issue is not confined to the events in London. We h ... continue ...
Kissinger Watch #5 (28.4.2002)
Dear readers, We are publishing a special issue to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the controversies surrounding Kissinger’s visit to London on April 24. We fell compelled to omit a wealth of good articles as those published this week alone would have exceeded the capacity of any e-mailbox… "No one can say that he served in an ad ... continue ...
Kissinger Watch #4 (19.4.2002)
In this issue, we wish to draw your attention to the most recent developments in the Kissinger Case, with particular emphasis on Chile and Operation Condor. We welcome the efforts of two judges - Balthazor Garzon Spain and Sophie-Helene Chateau of France – who have requested permission from British authorities to question Kissinger regarding his kn ... continue ...
Kissinger Watch #3 (10.4.2002)
In this issue you will find articles on Kissinger’s role in the Angola conflict, the Coup d‘Etat in Chile and Operation Condor as well as the most recent protests against his public appearances. The remarkably critical New York Times articles on Angola and Chile – which were reprinted in the International Herald Tribune - might be an indication of ... continue ...
Kissinger Watch #2 (26.3.2002)
We have been pleasantly surprised by your overwhelming response to the first issue of KissingerWatch. We are publishing KW #2 earlier than planned to draw attention to Kissinger’s appearance at the “Southern Methodist University Ethics Conference” on March 27 in Dallas, Texas, USA. This issue is – as promised – more concise and contains four articl ... continue ...
Kissinger Watch #1 (4.3.2002)
Dear readers, In the past few years, the international movement against the impunity of public officials has gained unprecedented momentum; activists worldwide have made significant efforts to assure that these high-ranking politicians and soldiers will be held accountable for their acts, which include crimes against humanity, war crimes, tortur ... continue ...
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