Kissinger Watch #1 - 10
Websites relating to Henry Kissinger
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College of William and Mary. Henry Kissinger is not our Chancellor!,

East Timor Action Network

National Security Archive

The Rogues' Gallery of the Global Policy Forum

Third World Traveller

Henry Kissinger: War Criminal or Old-Fashioned Murderer?

Wanted War Crimes: Henry Kissinger

Appeal to revoke the 1973 Nobel Prize for Peace assigned to H. Kissinger

Website about Christopher Hitchens's bestseller "The Trial of Henry Kissinger"

Hitchens, book reviews etc.

Hitchens' correspondence with Kissinger's attorneys, including introductory note, comments, and primary sources

Bilderberg Commission
OVERVIEW - Kissinger Watch #1
1. "Holding Individual Leaders Responsible for Violations of Customary International Law: The U.S. Bombardment of Cambodia and Laos" by Nicole Barrett, J.D., Columbia Law, 2001., Summary prepared by Katharine Larsen,, Georgetown University Law Center, J.D. class of 2003.
2. Ford and Kissinger Gave Green Light to Indonesia's Invasion of East Timor, 1975: New Documents Detail Conversations with Suharto.
3. The murder of General Rene Schneider / Lawsuit against Kissinger in the US
5. Kissinger Had a Hand in 'Dirty War'
6. Resolution of the Genevan Parliament
7. NPR Radio interview: "I am not a criminal"
8. The Pitfalls of Universal Jurisdiction
9. The case for Universal Jurisdiction
10. Websites relating to Henry Kissinger
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